Safety allows no room for compromise

In the interest of every customer, quality and safety standards of technical services cannot be high enough. That is why all cotac stations are DIN EN ISO 9001 certified and SQAS audited. The technical effort required a cotac investment that each of our logistics customers should insist on – in the interest of their own safety services for their own customers.
We place a high value on the continuous improvement of quality and workprocesses. Safety is our top priority. Therefore advanced staff training takes place at regular intervals and is an integral part of the job at cotac.

The results of individual SQAS audits, reports and certificates can be viewed online at It´s in our best interest that our customers are as well informed as possible

Download the current cotac ISO 9001 certificate (pdf)
Download the current SQAS Attestation Hamburg (pdf)
Download the current SQAS Attestation Dormagen (pdf)
Download the current SQAS Attestation Mannheim (pdf)
Download the current SQAS Attestation Schkopau (pdf)

Download the current SQAS Attestation Antwerpen (pdf)
Download the current SQAS Attestation Rotterdam (pdf)

Download the current SQAS Attestation Rouen (pdf)

Safety is our top priority.
The service tasks of a cotac location require qualified and safe handling – Each and every day from each member of the team. Every employee  of the cotac team carries out their service task on a daily basis in a qualified and safe manner. All safety-relevant regulations und services, both human and technical, are continuously being improved: including regular safety inspections, staff training, safety announcements and occupational safety measures additional to the legally mandated guidelines.

This dedication to safety place a major role at cotas and achieves results which are also important for our customers. The next time you are politely asked to wear safety goggles in the hazardous zones at our stations so please remember: Safety is our first priority.

Download the cotac sustainability policy





Environmental protection pays off.

Wherever cleaning residues and chemicals are accrued, environmental protection plays an important role. Water treatment plants and facilities for exhaust air treatment are an intricate part of cotac’s environmental protection programme. Additionally, compliance with statutory regulations also entails financial investment. Apart from the safety aspects, it is always good to know that the environment is being protected today and will be in the future.