Thorough advice proceeds thorough cleaning.

Good service depends on the advice received. cotac customers have the right to service but also to performance.

Take advantage of our services - we can and will assist you.

Good drivers are well taken care of - and rewarded.

Every driver carries a great deal of responsibility. In our opinion well-equipped lounges for drivers are not just customer service but much more. We understand the stress drivers are under and how important it is for them to rest. In addition to the coffee, we provide cold beverages and a possibility to warm food up, too. Enjoy hot meals with collegues in our canteens. Usage of showers and washing rooms is available at many cotac locations.

Our driver bonus point programme. Collecting is fun and pays off.

Each driver participating in the cotac bonus point programme receives a cotac bonus card every time he accompanies a tank cleaning. Bonus cards can be exchanged for attractive gifts at all German cotac locations. And anyone who has seen the selection of available gifts will want to take part from the very start.

cotac Belgium has a separate bonus point programme. Here the drivers can collect points in order to have a meal in the canteen or exchange their points for other interesting gifts.