The repair specialists for all transportation equipment.

As the largest full service provider for road tankers and tank containers in Europe cotac’s customers have the option of having their equipment checked and repaired at every station. Our workshop services include safety and periodic checks, (2.5 and 5 year periodic checks), general overhauling and modification of tank containers and IBCs as well as gas tanks. A part of the day-to-day business includes the replacement of gaskets, labels, instrument replacement and their refurbishment. cotac staff are qualified in repairs in cases of corrosion as well as work on insulation, frame and coatings. When damaged, this includes fully automatic interior grinding (Robogrind).

Services for trailer equipment.

cotac’s station workshops offer truck repair services - with the exception of electronics, engines and transmissions - in the areas of trailers, tractors and chassis. cotac stations carry out the legally mandated inspections for registration approval (TÜV) as well as ADR. We would be glad to assist you in the manufacture of special equipment as well as for special modifications. Ask our service team or a local contact person.