Successful SQAS Assessments in the cotac Group

We are happy to inform you about successful SQAS assessments in the cotac Group in Germany and the Netherlands:

•    cotac europe GmbH, Hamburg was assessed in January and achieved a total score of 87 %
•    cotac europe GmbH, Mannheim was assessed in March and achieved a total score of 90 % (OCS Mandatory questions: 100 %)
•    cotac europe GmbH, Schkopau was assessed in April and achieved a total score of 92 % (OCS Mandatory questions: 100 %)
•    cotac Nederland BV, Botlek was assessed in June and achieved a total score of 94 % (OCS Mandatory questions: 87 %)

As from 1st March 2023, a new revised version of the SQAS questionnaires is used in all SQAS assessments. The main changes can be found in the SQAS Core questionnaire and were triggered by the alignment with the Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) certification scheme. Cefic, ECTA, EFTCO and Fecc have been working together with Plastics Europe (PE) and the European Plastic Converters (EuPC) associations in the development of this scheme during the last two years. 

A set of questions called “OCS mandatory requirements” were identified by a column on the right of the SQAS Rev 2 questionnaires.
The OCS certification scheme is supervised by a board composed of environment authorities, NGOs, certification bodies and industry representatives.
The European Commission and Cefic have an observer status in this board. On 16 November 2022, the board recognised SQAS as an alternative valid system to the OCS Certification Scheme. A public register webpage of companies complying with OCS mandatory requirements was developed. The webpage includes a list of certified plastic pellet producers and plastic converters, and another list of SQAS assessed companies scoring 100% on OCS mandatory requirements.

Our sites in Mannheim and Schkopau achieved that remarkable OCS Score of 100 % and will be listed soon. 

We congratulate our teams to these excellent results and would like to thank all colleagues involved for their commitment and achievements to support the HOYER core values.